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Little feet (Under 2’s)

Resources include:

Toys and books

Mark making area

Walkabout toys

Soft play

The crèche little feet room has a routine which revolves around each child’s individual needs.

Each child is appointed a ‘key worker’ who is a member of staff responsible for the child’s day to day care, and also ensures that both child and parent are happy and content within the setting. Each child’s individuality is catered for through fun filled and stimulating activities.

The little feet room has a wide range of toys and materials suitable for children under 2. A wide open planned room with comfortable spaces ensures plenty of opportunities for quiet time, crawling, and learning to walk.  A written record is shared with parents about each child’s daily routine.

The room includes a large wall mirror, soft toys, large windows with plenty of natural light and wonderful views of outdoor nature.

Busy hands (2-4 years)

The older children experience a relaxed playroom with activities based on themes related to the Foundation Phase which helps to develop pre-educational skills. The children are given independence from an early age within the room.


There is time for children to be calm and relaxed as well as being included in group activities. Outdoor play is always encouraged and social skills are developed through sharing, helping others, and turn taking.

A routine is followed which encourages independence and a sense of security in children.

Our main focus is to ensure that children are happy and thriving within the crèche environment, therefore we work closely with parents to ensure each child is content

and reaching their individual potential before they

begin full time education.

The busy hands room includes large outdoor windows which

bring in plenty of natural light and views of outdoor nature,

access to outdoor play area, and large wall displays which

follow an 8 week theme.

Resources in the busy hands room include:


Sand and water play

Messy play area.

Mark making and painting area.

Construction area.

T.V and DVD, Wii console

Quiet area for jigsaws, books and games.

Role play and dressing up.


Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor play plays an important part in each child’s routine.

Outdoor play enhances many aspects of development including

physical and sensory development.

We make the most of the large outdoor play area within our setting which includes a slide and climbing frame, and also a grassed area where children can learn about nature through a variety of ways.

We also try our best to take the children for walks outside of the setting.

We have some wonderful walkways and parks in the surrounding

area and we try and visit them as often as we can especially during warmer months.

Before (breakfast) and

After School Club/Holiday Club

The Crèche also offers a Breakfast and After school club for school age children from 4 to 11 years. This includes transport to and from local schools.


The holiday club is run during the school holidays and includes a wide variety of activities. Afternoon sessions are available during some holidays while planned activities are held.  Pay per hour is available during holiday club which means parents may choose their childcare hours.

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